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Law Enforcement Equipment Agencies

The law enforcement agencies are assigned by the government of a country to protect and safeguard the interest of the people. Proper Law Enforcement Equipment is of utmost importance for an agency to run the task smoothly and with great responsibility. Usually the equipments issued to a police officer include a pistol, a holster for the pistol, handcuffs, a nightstick and a transmission radio. The gun is to be used only if the officer is issued one. The handcuffs are to be required to restrain a criminal. The nightstick is a weapon that an officer can invariably use to defend and protect himself. A traffic police person is assigned a radar gun to determine the velocity of vehicles on the road. To keep the peace during a situation which is difficult to manage, police officers are allowed to use helmets and shields to protect themselves while they control the unruly crowd.

If it becomes difficult to control the crowd, the officers might be forced to utilize a tear gas or even spray water from the cannons from the fire department. Police personnel has to ensure law and order situation using equipments such as pepper spray, flashlight and baton holders and many other such mechanisms to bring any disturbances in an area under their control. Since policemen and women are required to work in various areas where the natural conditions may not be suitable then to survive normally under those situations tactical hydration systems are an essential inclusion in the police tactical gear. Read more »